What is Amino Acid University?

Amino Acid University

A New Way to Learn

Amino Acid University is an advanced level course tailored to students finishing their Masters or Ph.d. in ruminant nutrition.

Brought to you by Adisseo, an industry leading ruminant methionine company, AAU provides students in the ruminant nutrition field access to information and strategies for utilizing Amino Acid Balancing for dairy rations to improve product yield, animal health, and cost savings.


Smartamine® MetaSmart®

Smartamine® MetaSmart®

Methionine, generally the first limiting amino acid in dairy cows, is essential for milk production and milk protein synthesis. Because methionine content of natural ingredients is generally low, additional methionine should be provided in the feed ration to meet the cow's nutritional requirements. Supplying methionine in the diet enables the proper amino acid balancing to optimize feed cost, help reduce N excretion, and help improve milk production performance.

Methionine, when fed to ruminants, has to be protected from breakdown in the rumen, ideally the methionine will be resistant to degradation in the rumen while having the ability to be absorbed at the appropriate level within the digestive tract.

  • Smartamine® M, a coated Methionine with specific pH-sensitive polymer protects the amino acid during its passage through the rumen, ensuring its release in the abomasum and absorption in the small intestine
  • MetaSmart®, a unique source of specific, pelletable Methionine for ruminants delivers excellent bio-availability and provides the needed Methionine for the rumen micro-organisms.

The Case for Methionine in Ruminants